e. greg@gcomollo.com
p. +1 908 812 3586
Hello, I'm Greg! I live & work in Brooklyn as a Director of Photography and Photographer (If that's confusing, the first role shoots motion pictures, the second shoots stills - I love doing both) From making beautiful narratives or simple portraits with natural light to technical high speed, robotic, special-fx shots, I love planing the work and working the plan that bring visual ideas to life.

I grew up roaming the New Jersey suburbs by bike before moving to Vermont to snowboard my face off; eh hem, I mean, go to school for design. That's where I found my stance on the path to photography. Working as a designer to develop snowboard artwork and graphics for Burton, I learned to use my eye & the camera to create storied product graphics and art-direct work by some incredible artists. It was at this job, through mentorship, that I learned the craft of being a photographer in both the technical and interpersonal realms. Through these experiences, I learned the process and value of working with good people to bring good ideas to life through still images and motion pictures.

Are you a good person with good ideas?!? Let's make good things together!